Facts and Figures
What you need to know about Human Trafficking for forced and exploited labour:
  • There are only some estimates about human trafficking for forced labour and the exploitation of migrant workers. This is due to the fact that these are difficult areas in which to gather accurate data.

  • The following are some estimates that…:
    1. Worldwide, approximately 12.3 million people are believed to be working in conditions of forced and exploited labour.
    2. In industrialized countries, 113 000 people work in conditions of forced labour.
    3. In the United Kingdom, between 500,000 and 600,000 irregular migrants are believed to work in exploitative conditions.
    4. In France, the majority of Chinese migrants in forced and bonded labour work up to 21 hours per day.
    5. If all people in forced and exploited labour situations were to be fairly compensated, they would be owed more than US$ 19.5 billion.
    6. According to the ILO, the total number of victims in forced labour as a result of trafficking is 2.45 million people. This figure is about 20% of all forced labour situations globally. Annual profits generated from trafficking are estimated to be 32 billion $US.

  • A few figures: