The 'Buy Responsibly' campaign aims at preventing trafficking in persons for forced and/or exploited labour in industrialized countries by raising awareness on the link between everyday products and the exploitative conditions under which eventually trafficked persons may have produced them. The campaign pursues a specific mission that is aiming at the following:

  • Raise consumer awareness on human trafficking for labour exploitation and its links to everyday products 
  • Empower consumers by providing tools to question retailers on the traceability of products 
  • Establish powerful partnerships with ethical consumer networks to demand trafficked labour free supply chain
  • Establish contacts with private sector companies in order to establish a supply chain monitoring system 

In order to promote the campaign, several launch events have been organized in different European cities since October 2009 (Brussels, Geneva, Vienna, the Hague and Warsaw). The launch events consist in placing the upside-down trolley, symbol of the campaign, in a city's main shopping area. The campaign has been usually promoted on the occasion of an international or European event or a memorial day that relates to migration or countering human trafficking.

The upcoming launch of the Buy Responsibly campaign will take place in Istanbul in cooperation with the Consulate General of Sweden Istanbul and the Netherlands Consulate General in Istanbul.

Detailed information regarding the date, time and location of the campaign will be announced soon on our website..

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